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I'm Jeffrey.  I'm a theatre artist who has been working in Chicago for a little over 4 years now.  I've had the pleasure of performing in 3 different productions, costuming one, designing lights for a showcase, and stage managing 8 productions all within those 4 years.  


I moved here to Chi-town in August of 2010 after completing my second consecutive summer of outdoor theatre at Theatre West Virginia.  Prior to that, I went to Ouachita Baptist University in Arkansas where I also got the opportunity to do a production internship in New York City (Summer 2007).


Having grown up in rural Northeast Texas, I was very unaware of the multitude of variances theatre can have.  I am very intrigued with the different things that I have learned theatre to do (bring people to tears, laughter, social change, arguments, deep discussions, and open the general perspective) and the different methods by which those can all be done (dance, movement, spoken word, song, breath, silence, etc.).  


I am inspired most by work that makes one look at what they've known to be true, or assumed, and forces them to see a different side to the story.

Maybe they walk away with a new opinion - maybe they don't - but for a couple hours they saw something they hadn't stopped to see before.    This carries over into the work that I find myself adding to my directing wish-list, attempting to write, and working on in any capacity.  

Acting Resume    

Click photo above to view. 

Technical Resume

Click photo above to view.


Among Friends

My first full-length play.

Still editing, but click pic for a sample.

Directing Wish-List

Click photo to see my current list of work to direct.

Dream Roles

Click photo for my growing list of wanted roles.

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